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Perth Youth Players

Perth Youth Player Workshop

Studio theatre is thrilled to welcome youth to an exciting new program for young people ages 10-17!

Registration cost is only $75!

Seven exciting new workshops coming this spring!

Workshops begin: 27th April, 2024

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How to register

Please email:


$75 for all participants includes annual STP membership

($65 plus $10 membership fee)


For more details please email: Youth Co-ordinator Marilyn at

Workshop Details

All of our participants this season will have the opportunity to benefit from a new variety of topics as well as meeting new instructors. (some favourites are back with us tho)

You’ll begin with a fun new workshop on Shakespeare, move on to exploring even more unique makeup techniques this year, go on to discovering your inner animal and much much more.

We have seven new and interesting workshops coming your way this spring!

The workshops will again be held each Saturday morning at Studio Theatre Perth beginning April 27th and running to June 15th.

We hope to see some recent graduates as well as welcoming some new students to our group.


Why support the Perth Youth Player Program?

  • Our youth need to be understood and appreciated for who they are, not just for their grades or how well they do in sports and other activities. 
  • The Perth Youth Players (PYP) program creates opportunities for learning and friendship
  • Participants develop social and technical skills, learn leadership skills, gain greater knowledge of themselves, and forge lifelong relationships. 
  • PYP activities are not only fun but they also offer opportunities to develop character and abilities that will last a lifetime. 
  • You will be supporting our Perth community amateur theatre as well as our town’s future “players”. 
  • With young people learning theatrical skills and gaining experience on and off the stage, Studio Theatre Perth will be able to provide more roles for young people. That means more mentorships and other important positions that will engage youth both on stage and behind the scenes. 
  • Why not help young people navigate adolescence in a healthy way? Consider a donation that will support our Perth Youth Players Workshops that are happening this spring!


Our mandate is to keep these workshops affordable and accessible for all families in our community. Your generous support will allow that to happen.