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New Spring 2024 Workshops

Saturday –  April 27

SHAKESPEARE CAN BE FUN!    (with Dave Clark)

The Art of Interpretation: Shakespearean language doesn’t have to be scary, it’s poetry and emotion on the page. Participants will explore basic text interpretation before moving into Shakespearean language through an exploration of his tragedy Macbeth. By isolating key scenes, they will experience Macbeth as a story, but also as a set of ‘flesh and blood’ characters. They will learn to interpret Shakespeare’s lofty language honestly and how to play his words for authentic emotion.  By the end of the workshop, we’ll have performed one of the Bard’s greatest plays (or at least the juicy parts) and met the world’s greatest writer. 

Saturday – May 4

VOICE PERFORMANCE FOR MEDIA  Part 1  (with Mike Irvin)

No lights, no sets, no makeup…. It’s Theatre of The Mind!  The Voice!

Media is exploding with opportunities for voice acting, narration, and podcasting.

This 2-part workshop series will introduce you to mic techniques, dramatic, comedic and narrative delivery in a fun, engaging environment.


Saturday –  May 11

VOICE PERFORMANCE FOR MEDIA  Part 2  (with Mike Irvin)

No lights, no sets, no makeup…. It’s Theatre of The Mind!  The Voice!  continued!

In this second part of the workshop it all culminates in the creation of an ‘old-style radio show’ with improv and scripted skits.

Saturday – May 25

STAGE MAKE-UP 101  (with Dani Corbishley)

Basic and fun make-up techniques for the stage that every actor should know how to do.

Participants will learn how to effectively apply stage make-up on themselves and others to achieve  some specific character looks.


Saturday – June 1

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! (with the mother and daughter team of Diane and Kiara Cote)

Play and discover your inner animal!

Participants will start with some energetic and fun theatre games. We will then work on “finding your inner animal”.  As your ‘animal’, we will work on characterization in the animal state and then as a human, finishing with scene work using the animals you found.  Come join us on this creative adventure to discover your inner animal!


Saturday – June 8

SET MAGIC   (with Fiona Bladon)

Adding another dimension to sets.  Real or fantastical. 

Participants will get some hands-on experience and learn a few special painting tricks and techniques to bring a stage setting alive and wow the audiences with their painting skills and ingenuity.  Another great skill to add to your theatrical bag of tricks!


Saturday – June 15

PLAYBACK THEATRE   (with Alexis Scott)

Intro to Playback Theatre a form of improvisational theatre in response to personal stories.

Participants will explore this unique form of theatre and present stories told by the group in a way that honors the original story and learn how it can be transformational for the audience.

For more details please email: Youth Co-ordinator Marilyn at

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