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Perth Youth Player Grads

2023 Spring Grads

What a success our first PYP (Perth Youth Players) spring workshops were.

Many thanks to all the trainers and to Marilyn our amazing Youth Co-ordinator.

If you missed their finale! It was a great show !

Congrats to ALL THE PLAYERS !

See ya soon!

Liam Garner, Liam Pallasch, Rylie Laberge (black cap);Myles Laberge;Duncan King (behind) Hunter Dolan (hood in front) ; Sarah Dempsey (behind) Oliver Russell (front row) Finley Beyer; Celeste Sawan (back hidden); Mason Bingley (front) Eric Staines (holding up certificate): Guthrie Cleroux and Marilyn Nicholas-Dahan

2023 awards

  • Dramatic Ham Award went to RAYMOND MADABA. This award could almost be named Most Likely to make you laugh award.  Raymond has a good sense of humour and notices way more than we think.
  • Ray of Sunshine Award went to SOPHIE RINTOULE. This is someone who has a smile  that lights up the room and a giggle that can’t help but make us all happier to hear it.
  • As Sophie never missed a workshop, she also received a perfect attendance ribbon.
  • Expressiveness Award went to OLIVER RUSSELL  It didnt matter what text was offered up or what character was to be played, this youth (although one of the youngest) had the ability to be so expressive!    
    Inventive Notions Award went to FINLEY BEYER. Such creativity and just gets on with whatever is the assignment or challenge with such innovation – Finley is for sure a see outside the box sort.
  •  Quiet Determination Award went to HUNTER DOLAN. Though this youth started out super quiet and shy Hunter was always watching and paying attention to what was going on and gave things a try.  Hunter never missed a workshop so also receive the perfect attendance ribbon.
  •  Astonishing Versatility Award went to RYLIE LABERGE. Rylie is someone who often surprised instructors with how versatile and diverse the characters he portrayed were and also what an amazing memory he has.
  •  High Five Award went to CELESTE SAWAN. Celeste is someone who worked well with everyone and listened to what the instructors were asking and did that without complaint.  Delightful
  •  Cool Confidence Award went to DUNCAN KING. Duncan is someone who seems to never be nervous and is never shy about volunteering to be first up or to take on a role or a challenge without hesitation. Duncan never missed a workshop so he also received the perfect attendance ribbon.          
  • Flair for Characterization Award went to SARAH DEMPSEY 
  • Sarah was able to  take on a character role almost without any direction. Plus, she has a good grasp of how to express that character!   
  •  Spunky Prankster Award went to MYLES LABERGE  Lots of Spunk is a good way to describe Myles  who has a strong playful side and is often looking for the fun aspect of things.
  •  Go With the Flow Award went to  MASON BINGLEY Mason is someone who was a little bit shy but still managed to just go ahead and with a shrug of the shoulders was willing to “give it a try”.
  • Energetic Enthusiasm Award went to LIAM GARNER.  Liam did everything with gusto. He was often first to volunteer to do ANYTHING. He literally never stopped moving around and instructors would easily say Liam should receive a Most Likely to become a Stunt Person Award.
  • Rising Star Award went to Charlie Watson. There was  no doubt there is shyness for Charlie who was the youngest of all the participants. Yet, Charlie surprised everyone many times by how great she did when she simply “went for it”.
  • Fantastic Fortitude Award went to LIAM PALLASCH Liam often admitted how nervous he was, yet persevered and did it anyway. Being brave and getting past your fears is admirable. For Liam, there was at all times a great creative ability present . Liam never missed a workshop so also received a perfect attendance ribbon.
  • Above and Beyond Award went to ERIC STAINES. Eric showed a lot of enthusiasm, personality and kindness.  He was always ready to help and could be relied upon.
  • Outstanding Theatre Spirit Award went to GUTHRIE CLEROUX Guthrie showed a quiet enthusiasm and willingness to do anything and participated wholeheartedly at everything in the workshops.  His interest in theatre is very evident.