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2024 Season

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2024 season

Feb 8-18     Sleuth directed by Jane Stott, written by Andrew Wyke

A mystery thriller where the ultimate game of cat and mouse is played out in a cozy English country house, owned by celebrated mystery writer, Andrew Wyke.  Invited guest Milo Tindle, a young rival who shares Wyke’s love for games, declares his intention to marry Wyke’s wife, but Andrew has conditions to grant a divorce.  The two rivals agree on an elaborate plan for a robbery that supposedly will solve everyone’s problems, but with numerous twists and turns in the plot, nothing turns out as planned.  The audience is invited to decipher where imagination ends and reality begins.

April 4-14   Black Coffee directed by Grey Mason, written by Agatha Christie

With chilling prescience, according to Agatha Christie more than a decade before J. Robert Oppenheimer fathered the atom bomb, Sir Claud Amory constructed a workable formula for just such a device. But Sir Claud has enemies, and soon the plot thickens in Christie’s 1930 play Black Coffee. Fortunately for us, she had Hercule Poirot around to investigate the quirky cast of characters (aka suspects), examining and weighing up all the classic Christie red herrings. You’ll be confused, misled and lost, but in the end, you’ll have had fun solving the mystery along with the famous and beloved detective. Don’t forget to bring your little grey cells!

May 16-26   Diary of Anne Frank directed by Marilyn Nicolas-Dahan, written by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett

The play, which won the Best Play Tony Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, offers us a theatre experience that is simply astounding;  at times thrilling, funny, poignant, heart-wrenching and ultimately tragic.  Based on Anne’s diary the play recounts how, during WW2,  Anne’s family with other Jews hid from the Nazis for 2 years in a secret annex above Mr. Frank’s shop. Despite those dark and frustrating days, Anne tried to remain positive:  “…in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.”   She was wise beyond her tender years!

June 20-30   The Perils of Persephone directed by Carolee Mason, written by Dan Needles

Dan Needles’ play, The Perils of Persephone, invites audiences back to Persephone Township, home of the beloved Walt Wingfield, the Toronto stockbroker turned farmer. Walt shared the trials and tribulations of adapting to farm life through actor Rod Beattie in a series of hilarious one-man shows. This time, the residents of the township must unite to fight a government coverup, and the ensuing chaos, when a mysterious truck carrying what might be toxic waste crashes onto the Reeve’s farm. Watch what happens when government spin meets rural common sense!

Oct 17-20  Laugh Out Loud

          – Search and Rescue, written by Richard Turtle, directed by Joseph Nieforth

          – The Lunatic from Number 7, written by Richard Turtle, directed by Chrystine Williams

 A pair of one-act comedies by Richard Turtle, each set in an apartment bathroom. Lives change, hilarity ensues, and romance blossoms all because the bathroom door latch malfunctions.  The Lunatic from Number 7 begins during an argument, with Deb storming out of the apartment to go camping for four days and Simon going into the bathroom and slamming the door.  Search and Rescue introduces Sam, a lady plumber, to Dave, a besotted client who has a leaky toilet and the same doorknob challenges.

Nov 28 – Dec 8  Winter Wonderettes directed by CLee Bates, written by Roger Bean

is the third in the Wonderettes franchise that ran at Studio Theatre: “The Marvelous Wonderettes” (2017) and “The Marvelous Wonderettes Dream On” (2018). The holiday tunes make it the perfect high-energy pre-Christmas production. This fun-filled, colourful confection features the return of the same outrageously talented performers, this time mastering the holiday songs and dances of four high-spirited characters: sassy siren Cindy Lou (Lauren Bailey), silly, and pregnant for the second time, Suzy (Courtney Mason), the serious Missy (Justine Sousa), and the edgy clown Betty Jean (Lindsay Williams). At the annual 60s-era Harper’s Hardware Holiday Party, the “girls” share their lives, loves, and failures with music, tears, and laughter.

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