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Play Submission and Play Reading Committee

Interested in submitting and reading plays for us?

Beginning April 1, 2024

We are looking ahead to our 2025 Season and would like your input.

“If you are interested in participating in shaping our 2025 Studio Theatre Productions season, why not champion a play or musical by submitting your proposal.” – Jane Stott, Artistic Director

When proposing a play or musical for consideration for our 2025 season, we would like you to supply:

  1. a copy of the play or musical
  2. written responses to these questions explaining why you are championing your particular play/musical


  • Will it draw a Perth and area audience?
  • How would you promote this particular play to the public?
  • Are there possibilities for a sponsor related to the content?
  • Have you considered any possible cast members? Number, gender, age?
  • Will the production be a low, medium, or high budget event? Consider the set build, costuming, production rights, musicians, etc.
  • Do you have any interested and available crew in mind – director, producer, stage manager, tech lead, set designer, choreographer, etc.
  • Will your play work in our theatre – considering the green room size, physical stage limitations, etc.?


Your submission will be considered along with other submissions held over from 2023 which include various genres such as mystery, comedy, farce, drama, musical, classic, Canadian and panto.

All submissions will go to our play reading committee beginning May 1.

Now, If you wish to be considered for the play reading committee (8-10 participants which we consider a workable size) please contact Jane, our Artistic Director with your interest and background.

Be aware that the play reading committee will be fun but will have a significant time commitment – reading, researching, and rating 15 to 20 proposals through months of May and early June.

Our 2025 season proposal will then be presented to the Perth Theatre Productions Board for approval on June 30, 2024.

Jane Stott
Artistic Director Studio Theatre Perth