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2023 season imageSynopsis of 2023 plays


A musical celebration of people from all walks of life that sets out to prove that work is more than “just a job”.  Actors introduce their characters as they prepare for their day.  You meet a fast-food worker, a third-grade teacher, a delivery truck driver, a stone mason, a retired firefighter, and a housewife, amongst others.

The 39 Steps

Richard Hannay is on the run from the police, who suspect him of murdering the woman found stabbed to death in his London flat.  Hannay is innocent, and while on the run is also trying to stop a breach to national security.  He is forced to take along a feisty young woman in a comedic race against time.  Think Alfred Hitchcock meets Monty Python.


This musical comedy takes place in a school auditorium, where the five nuns are endeavoring to put on a fund raiser.  Spot quizzes for the audience to take part in, lots of nun humor, nuns that tap dance and do ballet, and conversations with a nun marionette all combine to make this a beloved musical comedy full of irreverent humor.

Tempting Providence

In the early 1920’s a plucky, young British nurse has travelled across the Atlantic to begin work as the sole medical provider for the inhabitants of the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland.  She meets and marries a local and ends up staying and sharing her knowledge with the colorful inhabitants for her whole life.

Jane Austen’s Lady Susan

A turn-of-the-century young widow flees London and moves in with her brother and his disapproving wife.  She schemes to secure a future for her marriageable daughter, using all of her feminine wiles in the process.  Events become complicated when both she and her daughter end up being rivals for the same suitor.

Ethan Claymore

A young widower, Ethan doesn’t get out much, as he works hard on keeping his egg farm going.  His best friend and next-door neighbour is not having much success in getting him interested in the new school teacher.  It takes the appearance of a ghost and a visit back in time to steer Ethan forward into happiness and new love, in this gentle comedy set one week before Christmas.