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ICE-BREAKER – The ’72 Summit Series

ICE-BREAKER gives a unique voice to Canadians who were directly involved or impacted by the Summit Series, while relating the remarkably intense on-ice competition of those eight iconic hockey games. It all culminated on September 28, 1972, Game 8 in Moscow. With the series tied at 3 games apiece and with one tie, that final game to decide the winner was watched by 150 million Russians and 16 million Canadians, the biggest TV audience in Canadian broadcast history. Schools and businesses closed, and the entire country came to a standstill to watch on TV or listen on radio.

September 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the 1972 Summit Series, the iconic hockey tournament that pitted the best players from Canada against the best from the Soviet Union. It was a defining event in Canadian history.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of this historic event, two award-winning filmmakers, Robbie Hart of Adobe Productions International in Montreal and Peter Raymont of White Pine Pictures in Toronto, teamed up to produce a ground-breaking feature documentary, ICE-BREAKER – The ’72 Summit Series.

This compelling film is being launched with a series of public screening premieres across Canada, beginning Sept 6 and 7 in Perth, Ontario.

Filmmaker Robbie Hart interviewing Wayne Gretsky
Filmmaker Robbie Hart interviewing Wayne Gretsky