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Did you know that ticket sales only make up 40% of our operating budget?

Support the development and production of community theatre right here in Perth by making a tax-deductible contribution today!

Here at Studio Theatre Perth, everything we do on and off stage is thanks to the support of community members like you!

                           We can’t do it without YOU.

You will be supporting local musicians, amateur theatre lovers (both cast and crew), programs and workshops for youth and emerging filmmakers.

The gift you give today  – whether it’s $5 or $15,000 – is an investment in the future of our community theatre.

 Every donation matters to our members:

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 We have another option for your ad $$ at the Studio that has been working well for us (and for the businesses that choose it).

As a prime business sponsor for a play (we only do 6 a year) you get all the promotion value we submit for our production.

For a one-time  $500 fee you will receive :

Some stores have even done theme windows (Mariposa).

Some have had staff wear cowboy hats (Fall River for the Lone Rider) and some just do it for the promo value! (Deja Vu Hair Salon)

.. but all do it to support our local theatre.


Become a Member

Perth Theatre Project (PTP) Membership Guidelines

Tier A – Non-voting members (information only)

Tier B – Voting members

The term for both membership types runs from AGM to AGM.

In order to attend and vote at an AGM, membership may be purchased on the website up to three months prior to the AGM or in person at the AGM. Memberships purchased more than three months prior to the AGM will not be valid for the term beginning at that AGM.