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Marilyn Nicholas-Dahan

Marilyn has over 24 years of experience in the television industry working primarily as a Producer, Director, and Video Editor.

Marilyn’s life-long passion for the arts and especially live theatre inspired her to run (Kids in The Spotlight) a two-week summer theatre/video arts camp in the Trenton area for four consecutive summers. “Watching those young folks gain confidence and learn new and exciting skills, not only on the stage but behind the scenes too, was so thrilling for me.”

Marilyn is a relatively new resident of the Perth area, having moved here a year and a half ago. She has since played an active part in several Studio Theatre productions – most recently at the helm of The Attic.  Marilyn was delighted and proud to have received a Best Director nomination in Lindsay On for her directing of “The Attic” at the Eastern Ontario Drama League One-Act Festival in the fall of 2022.

While Marilyn has often been on stage, she prefers to sit in the director’s chair.   She looks forward to this fall and doing just that for the production of “Ethan Claymore”, a Norm Foster gem.  Some of Marilyn’s previous directing highlights are  A Streetcar Named Desire (Tennessee Williams); Steel Magnolias (Robert Harling);  The Melville Boys  (Norm Foster);  The Best Christmas Pageant Ever  (Barbara Robinson) and  A Little Something for the Ducks (Jean Lennox Toddie).