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MUSES AND MYSTERIES – two great plays – one fun night!

First, “Whistler’s Mother,” is a jolly construction of how the iconic painting may have been conceived. Quite possibly, the real events that preceded the artists portrait of his mom were less hilarious than is our play. Whereas “Mom” in the painting is spinning one disapproval after another under her Victorian bonnet, our Anna Whistler is both warm and amusing.  You will leave the theatre chuckling.

Along with the play about Whistler is a thriller that will leave you holding your breath, and even feeling perhaps a wee bit spooked.  “The Attic” is an eerie mystery about secrets and lies discovered in a dusty attic. The night air may hum with nervous laughter and discussion as people walk to their cars, reviewing what they’ve just seen.

Two plays – one great night of entertainment!

Rehearsal Photos!

Whistler’s Mother

The Attic