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ART play imageA synopsis

Three men, long-time buddies, fall out over a painting purchased by one of them.  Will friendship triumph over ART?

After running in London’s West End for 8 years, ART went on to Broadway starring Alan Alda, Victor Garber, and Alfred Molina.

ART, a comedy, initially about the purchase of a predominately white canvas, quickly proceeds to put men and their career choices, relationships and friendships under a microscope. The dialogue is sharp, witty, and humorous, and leads the audience to a better understanding of “What Men Want”.

See talented Perth Studio Theatre actors take this comedy on.  Performances start Thursday, Sept 8

And don’t forget to see our current lobby art featuring the work of well-known Canadian Broadcaster turned “artist”, Chris St. Clair.

Come out and meet Chris on Thursday, Sept 8 from 5 pm -10 pm.

ART Play image
Martin Treffers, Steve Oliver and Alan Humphries square off
Photo courtesy Bruce Raby
Art Play image
Serge played by Steve Oliver. Photo Courtesy Bruce Raby


Alan Humpries as Serge Image
Alan Humpries as Serge. Photo Courtesy Bruce Raby
ART Rehearsal image
(L to R) Martin Treffers as Marc, Steven Oliver as Yvan and Alan Humphries as Serge. Photo Courtesy Bruce Raby


Alan Humphries as Serge image
“What is Art” ? asks Alan Humphries as Serge. Photo Courtesy Bruce Raby