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The Lone Rider:

A Large Number of Ways to Die in the West

by Mat Kelly

Lone Rider cast image
(L to R) Claire Campbell, Janet Rice, Helen Gillis, David Wright, Joe Neiforth Photo courtesy JD Labelle

Murder mysteries come in many flavours, but the newest upcoming Perth Studio Theatre production is unique and unmatched. Prepare for a rarely seen genre in the world of theatre: a whodunit western comedy. Everyone has something to hide: from the sharp-shooting cattle baroness to the crooked banker, to the saloon girl who knows too much for her own good. Mat Kelly’s plot twists and turns through several complications, leaving a trail of clues leading to the murderer’s identity.

So, kick up your spurs and enjoy the newest, and possibly the most playful and clever Studio
Theatre production.

The Lone Rider is Directed by Perth’s own town crier, Brent McLaren and sponsored by our
friends at Fall River Fashions.

Photo courtesy JD Labelle
Photo courtesy JD Labelle