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It’s the Studio Theatre’s biggest show ever!

For more than 45 people, Sister Act, The Musical is a labour of love.

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(images by Len Modderman)


Deloris/Tina: Lindsay Rewi / Cait Porteous

Mother Superior: Trish Smith

Sister Mary Robert: Kristen Widenmaier

Sister Mary Patrick: Amber Mitchell

Sister Mary Lazarus: Kristy Tait-Angel

Sister Mary-Martin- of-Tours: Jacquie Ramsey

Sister Mary Theresa: Jenny Pfitzer

Michelle/Sister Mary Ann: Mary Ann Majaury

Sister Mary Lyola: Sheila Jasiak

Sister Mary Helena: Dagmar Sagat

Sister Mary Lucie: Lucie Brun del Re

Sister Mary Rose: Cara Dean

Sister Mary Kathleen: Kathleen Everett

Sister Mary Christian: Christian Colby

Monsignor O’Hara: Rob Glas

Eddie: Chris Angel

Curtis: Brent Maguire

Pablo: Andrew McDougall

TJ: Josh Gallant

Joey: David Wright

Ernie/Swing/Male Chorus: Hugh McCulloch


Production Team:

Stage Director: C.Lee Bates

Musical Director/Accompanist: Brad Mills

Co-Choreographers: Mary Ann Majaury & Kristen Widenmaier

Stage Manager: Joan Frommer

Producer: Grey Masson

Set Designer: C.Lee Bates

Set Creation: Reiner Silberhorn & team

Costume Team: Elaine Scott, Marie Amyot, Jessica Paquette

Lighting Designer: Chris Reinkeleurs

Lighting Operator: Lucas Tennant

Sound Designer & Operator: Mark Tye

Props Design Team: Madge Jeffries, Kathy Cook, Teri Henderson

Additional Accompaniment: Val Leavitt



Reed – Dave Hadden

Trumpet – Kirby Parton

Trombone – Steve Guerin

Guitar – Steve Hannah

Bass – Cam Grey

Drums – Terry Kirkpatrick

Keyboards/Music Director – Brad Mills


(images by Len Modderman)