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Studio Theatre Productions (STP) is the production arm of the Perth Studio Project, committed to cultivating the arts in our community through outstanding live theatre productions. The works of playwrights such as Norm Foster, Neil Simon, Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, Agatha Christie and scores more have graced our stage, brought to life by our own seasoned actors and directors. Year after year, the Studio Theatre has grown and matured as both a production organization and a superlative live theatre venue.

How does STP choose each season’s Plays?

Each year, between January and April, an ad hoc Play Selection committee, chaired by the Artistic Director, and generally comprising current and former directors, is invited to suggest suitable plays for the following season.
Typically between 12 and 15 plays are put forward for consideration. The members read and discuss these plays and rank them for entertainment value, technical requirements, casting challenges, and audience suitability.

A composite score is determined for each play, followed by a discussion to ensure a balanced season. A short list of about 10 plays is proposed to the Board for the following season. On occasions when more than 10 suitable plays have been highly ranked, they may be carried over to the next season, thereby reducing the load on the Selection Committee.