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Frequently, a new director is encouraged to select and bring to fruition a One Act Play which will be produced as part of our “Evening of One Act Plays”. One such play each season is selected to be STP’s entry into the EODL One Act Festival. Roberta Peets and Kathie Reid were the first beneficiaries of this important program, mentored respectively by Jeremy Dutton and Patricia Parry. Barb Guthrie and Lucas Tennant (mentors: C.Lee Bates and David Parry) received Best Director awards, and Jane Stott and Joanna McAuley Treffers (mentors: Roberta Peets and C.Lee Bates) won awards for Best Use of Music and Costume Design respectively at past EODL Festivals.

All six have now become fully-fledged directors of successful productions, and part of an acknowledged group of talented directors at the Studio Theatre.