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Starring Gino Monopoli

Attending one of Gino Monopoli’s high-energy, 90-minute concerts will convince even the most jaded Elvis fan that the Toronto-based artist has something special. It’s not the familiar costumes, hairstyle or moves that make his popular show so good. And it’s not his voice, facial expressions, or heart-stopping good looks that take fans back in time. It’s his attitude, body language and interaction with the audience, especially up-close, that makes grown men and women, especially women, feel that “the king of rock’n’roll” is in the room and it’s not 1977 yet.

For every minute of every show, Gino Monopoli exudes the look, sound and animal magnetism of Elvis Presley, the world’s most recognizable celebrity. Each performance seems like a time warp; from the wildly gyrating kid playing a hot southern juke joint, to the sophisticated world-famous entertainer playing a Las Vegas show room. And the popularity of his performances is evidenced by the steady stream of bookings across Canada, the U.S., Australia and the Caribbean.

Christmas was Elvis’ favourite time of year. Carols and gospel music held as much a place in his heart as his many million-selling hits. In his popular annual Christmas show, Gino Monopoli captures what Elvis was all about; spending quality time surrounded by family and friends. Enjoying the uplifting songs of the season made Elvis especially happy. And we take great pleasure in kicking off the Christmas season once again by bringing this wonderful, family-friendly show to Perth.

Christmas With The King is produced by Merv Buchanan, for The Studio Theatre and Trend Records Entertainment. Merry Christmas!

Tickets are now on sale at Shadowfax, 67 Foster Street in Perth (613) 267-6817, or on line, at