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Tickets at $30 are available at Shadowfax,67 Foster Street in Perth.

You might be tempted to write the famous Canadian entertainer off as just another Elvis wannabe, until you attend one of his high-energy, 90-minute concerts. It’s not the costumes, hairstyle or moves that make his popular show so good. And it’s not his voice, moves, or heart-stopping good looks that take you back to 1956. It’s his attitude, body language and interaction with the audience, especially up-close, where he likes to be. That’s when your brain will insist that Elvis Presley is in the room and it’s not 1977 yet.

Gino Monopoli is called a “superstar tribute artist” because he takes the concept to a whole new level, a level the thousands of “impersonators” out there can only dream of. For every minute of every show, he “becomes” Elvis, capturing the look, sound and animal magnetism of the world’s most recognizable celebrity, and communicating with his audience, like the world-class entertainer he is. His efforts have paid off handsomely, with more than a year of advance bookings across Canada, the U.S., Japan and the Caribbean.

In addition to concert tours and television appearances, he has won top honours at “Elvis festivals” across the continent. Even in Elvis’ home town of Memphis Tennessee. His titles include: “Collingwood Grand Champion”, Pacific Northwest Grand Champion” and “World’s Finest Elvis Tribute Artist”. He has been featured on ABC, CTV, CNN, NBC, The BBC and numerous local radio and TV stations.

Merv Buchanan