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Wrong For Each Other So Right For Studio Theatre Audiences

By: Norm Foster
Directed by: Jeremy Dutton

Wrong for Each Other actors Hugh McCulloch and Laurie Reesor, between shows at Maximilians Restaurant in Perth.

Opening night for “Wrong For Each” was a smash hit.  Over 100 lucky patrons were blown away by a spell binding performance with high energy and great staging.  Tech operator Mike Ward had to stand up in the booth just to see over the heads of the standing ovation house. Comments made to Stage Manager Jane Stott included “This is the best show that I have seen here at Studio Theatre” and “I have never laughed so much at one of our plays before!” This is a show you will want to see again and again!

Unarguably, Norm Foster has been the most produced playwright in Canada every year for the past twenty years. His plays receive an average of one hundred and fifty productions annually making him, by far, the most produced playwright in Canadian history. And no wonder. Foster has written over 50 plays, wonderful comedies with a little heartache thrown in for good measure. Although he writes for the professional stage, many of his plays are released to community theatres, and are we happy about that! Studio Theatre Productions is pleased to present one of his most charming classics.

Watch Wrong For Each Other rehearsal

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Wrong For Each Other revolves around a couple who meet, marry, divorce, and then meet again. It is a fascinating dance of actors with Hugh McCulloch and Laurie Reesor playing the couple after divorce, and Lucas Tennant and Mary Ann Majaury portraying the same couple when they meet, during the courtship and into their marriage.

Jeremy Dutton is one of Perth Studio Theatre’s many talented and hard working directors. I met with Jeremy to talk about his latest dabble in the directing pool.

I asked Jeremy why he is such a fan of Norm Foster, and why he chose to use four actors, rather than two in this play. His response was both insightful and humorous – which I think describes Jeremy’s directing style perfectly.

“This particular show is sharp, witty and caring – a great look at relationships in our modern age. Foster’s writing is well received as it deals with everyday people and their problems. Just because we are similar to many other people and share the same common concerns does not mean that we are unimportant. It is, indeed, the realization that we have many things in common with most other ‘commoners’ that make us feel important.”

“The choice to use two pairs of actors is one way of supporting small town theatre, allowing for four talented actors to be involved and share the fun. We do a Norm Foster play almost every season…to make us laugh and to remind us how we all belong”.

Jeremy also confided that it has been his long-held dream to do a play with a very simple set, and just project images on a screen. Well, Jeremy is doing just that with this production. Using Studio Theatre’s newly-acquired rear projection technology, different locales will appear to set each scene as the two couples flow back and forth in time. Look for more details on this fascinating new side of Studio Theatre productions in a few weeks.

Working alongside Jeremy as his Assistant Director and Stage Manager, I find it fascinating to watch the four actors study each other at every rehearsal, fine tuning mannerisms and voice inflections to make the blending of two people at different times in their lives appear seamless and believable. Physically the actors had to be about the same size, and hair about the same length and texture. Interesting side note here-Lucas and Hugh will not cut their hair until just before the show opens, and then will go together to the barber to get exactly the same haircut. Now that is dedication to detail!

Wrong For Each Other premieres at the Studio Theatre on Thursday, March 30th for seven shows, March 30, 31, April 1, 7 and 8 at 7:30 p.m., and April 2 and 9 at 2 pm.


Tickets are $22 (cash only) at the Book Nook, 60 Gore St. E, and $22 plus service fee at Shadowfax, 67 Foster ST., (613-267-6817; and Tickets Please, in the Matheson Museum Visitor Centre, 11 Gore St. E. (613-485-6434; both of which accept in-store, phone, online and credit card purchases.

Tickets are $24 at the door, and $10 at the door for students with ID.

Attend opening night and save $5.

by Jane Stott