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One Act Plays 2014

“A Bench at the Edge”, an offbeat dramatic comedy, was written by Luigi Jannuzzi and is directed by Lucas Tennant. At the edge of an abyss, two beings contemplate their existence. An intriguing, surrealistic comedy celebrating life The Plot Person 1 sits on a bench at the edge of an abyss. Along comes Person 2, […]

Over The River and Through The Woods

The grandmother of all comedies comes to the Studio Theatre Nick has just received a job offer in Seattle that he simply can’t refuse. Trouble is, accepting it means he’ll have to tell his grandparents he’s moving away from New Jersey. And if you’re Italian and Catholic, with grandparents like Nunzio, Emma,Frank and Aida, that’s […]

2017-2018 Playbill

Studio Theatre Perth 2017/2018 Playbill The Studio Theatre’s productions are more than just funny, dramatic, romantic plays by some of the world’s greatest playwrights. They’re also a wonderful reasons to get out of the house, take in dinner with friends, and enjoy a fantastic theatre experience right here in Perth. Here’s what is happening in […]

Eastern Ontario Drama League One-Act Play Festival

An Evening of One-Act Plays sets the stage for EODL Festival For theatre goers, one-act plays are rare, tantalizing theatrical delicacies. In a cluster of two or more, one-acts provide an enticing assortment of dramatic experiences in a single evening. That’s the idea behind An Evening of One-Act Plays, opening October 24th at the Studio […]