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“A Bench at the Edge”, an offbeat dramatic comedy, was written by Luigi Jannuzzi and is directed by Lucas Tennant.

At the edge of an abyss, two beings contemplate their existence. An intriguing, surrealistic comedy celebrating life

The Plot

Person 1 sits on a bench at the edge of an abyss. Along comes Person 2, contemplating “a heroic dive.” Their repartee, the meaning of where they really are and what they are really there for, draws out the humor and conflict of the edge. What is the abyss and what are these people doing here? Comic and terrifying concepts mix with these lives that are drawn to the edge, the confrontations here, and the conclusion that life is precious after all.

“(The) dialogue (is) riddled with humor and empathy for the human condition… A fine piece of writing- Dramalogue

“Pretention is avoided with ingenious narrative turns and electric repartee.” – Los Angeles Times

“Jannuzzi’s comedy is refreshingly offbeat” – Daily News


“Prisoners of Hazelteen Ave”, by Robert Mattson and directed by Grey Masson

Relationships aren’t always as they seem… A quirky, captivating comedy

The Plot

Gordon and Rhoda are a brother and sister that have been held captive for 5 years in the bottom floor of a split-level home. They have come to accept that they are prisoners, but refuse to give up the independence that lives within them. Tossed into their prison is Daisy, a young woman who is confused, but is more easily swayed to the will of their captors. A quirky look at relationships in trying times, Prisoners proves that people aren’t always what they seem, and relationships are different depending on your point of view. This one-act comedy keeps the audience laughing until the final seconds when the last twist is seen and leaves the crowd reviewing every line and turn after the truth is revealed.