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Perils of Persephone

Perils of Persephone

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Laughter is the best medicine. You will get a belly full of laughs in this play by Wingfield Farms creator Dan Needles – “The Perils of Persephone”. Anything can and does happen when a truck load of unknown content, possibly toxic waste, gets accidentally dumped into the Currie farm swamp. Local politicians, the whole Currie family, and the truck driver all weigh in for a piece of the media pie.
At the bargain price of $24, half price for kids, you can support local theatre, see a lot of your favorite peeps on stage, backstage, at the snack bar, in the tech booth and at the same time be treated to hilarious performances by many well-known actors, including David Bird and Chrystine Williams. And who doesn’t adore the energy and detail that Carolee Mason puts into her productions from the director chair?

There are 8 chances to see this piece of satirical comedy – 4 matinees and 4 evening performances.

Tickets are available at or at the door one hour before show times.

It’s no joke -laughter is simply good for you.

Produced by Robert FeDuke.

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Christine Erdos O’Malley as Marj Currie
David Bird as Henry Burford
Chrystine Williams as Wendy Currie
Lara Klymko as Skip Fuller
Josh Gallant as Francis Hinkley
Mike Erion as Eldon Currie
John Kenny as Orval Currie
Alan Humphreys as Press/Understudy
Brent Maguire as Press/Understudy