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Amberley Beatty’s Loretta Lynn Tribute
September 11, 2015 – 8:00 PM

“Talented singer, actress and entertainer” is how show business pros describe Canada’s tribute queen, Amberley Beatty. For years, her spine-tingling re-creation of the legendary Patsy Cline in concert has filled theatres from the eastern U.S. to northern Ontario. “Honky Tonk Gal”, her new tribute to Loretta Lynn simply enhances Amberely’s reputation as a world-class entertainer.

Loretta Lynn is called “the first lady of Country music” because of her unique ability to communicate with country music fans. Her no-nonsense approach to subjects like alcoholism, infidelity and personal loss speaks clearly and honestly to regular people, in terms anyone can understand. Her vast body of work, covering more than 6 decades, is what Amberley Beatty describes as “an inspiration gold mine”. That gold mine inspired the intrepid Ms. Beatty to create “Honkytonk Gal”, her mesmerizing new tribute show, showcasing the most popular and best-loved of Loretta Lynn’s songs. The show’s name was borrowed from “Honkytonk Girl”, Lynn’s first record, released in February 1960.

Amberley’s powerful voice and energetic stage performance is ably supported by “The Butcher Holler Boys”, a talented 5-piece band, featuring, guitar, bass, drums, piano and pedal steel. Four of the players also contribute backup vocals, including lead guitarist, Fred Lewis, who duets with Amberley on many of the “duo” songs Loretta Lynn recorded with the late Conway Twitty.

Merv Buchanan,