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Time: 2pm and 7 pm
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A story about a remarkable woman on a remarkable journey.

In the honest and heartfelt Danish drama “Rose,” two sisters take a bus tour to France. The elder, Inger (Sofie Grabol), lives with schizophrenia and resides in a psychiatric clinic where she receives care from staff and coddling from her mother. The younger Ellen (Lene Maria Christensen) sees the vacation as a chance to bond with her sister, who she believes could benefit from more independence.

The ultimate power of “Rose” lies in the performance of Sofie Grabol as Rose, who inhabits Inger with grace. Using facial expressions and body language, she brings to life the character’s mood swings and her divided impulses toward anxiety and adventure. Alongside Oplev’s commitment to genuine feeling and complexity — you won’t find easy solutions here — Grabol’s performance shines.


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Sofie Gråbøl
Lene Maria Christensen
Anders W. Berthelsen
Søren Malling
Luca Reichardt Ben Coker