Audition For Studio Theatre Perth Productions

Studio Theatre Productions
Auditions for “Romantic Comedy”

by Bernard Slade
Directed by David Parry
in The Studio Theatre, Perth (Lobby)
on Monday, June 12 and Wednesday, June 14 at 7:00 pm

Production Dates: August 17 – 20 and 25 – 27, 2017
Cast Required: 4 females, 2 males

Jason Carmichael – Successful co-author of several Broadway romantic comedies (30s – 40s)
Blanche Dailey – Jason’s agent, a former showgirl, but nobody’s fool (40s – 50s).
Phebe Craddock – A schoolteacher but budding playwright, self-conscious (late 20s – 40s).
Allison St James – Jason’s fiancé, an attractive woman with political ambitions (20s – 30s).
Leo Janowitz – A newspaper columnist, somewhat rumpled appearance with a sense of humour (30 – 40s).
Kate Mallory – An actress, gifted with good looks but much less talent; a femme fatale type (30 – 40s). NB this is a rather small role but does feature one of the “scene stealer” situations.

NB. The age ranges are somewhat arbitrary and could be +/- 10 years in either direction for all characters.

Jason’s former writing partner has walked out on him after several years of successful Broadway hits. The play opens on the morning he is to get married to Allison St James, a society belle. One senses that his thoughts are more directed to finding another writing partner than to his impending nuptials. Into this scenario walks an aspiring playwright P.J. Craddock who has submitted a play for Jason to read. Not only has Jason not read the manuscript, being far too self-preoccupied, but the playwright has mistakenly arrived a week earlier than expected. Furthermore, the “P” in P.J. Craddock turns out to stand for Phoebe, a young Vermont schoolteacher who “covers her basic shyness with a somewhat self-conscious forthright manner”. Despite himself Jason finds her to be engaging, not to mention a good writer, and he offers her a position as a collaborator. Things develop as any good Romantic Comedy should with as many twists as one could hope for.

Rehearsals are Monday, Wednesday and Sunday evenings, starting June 19.

For Perusal scripts (available for a 48 hour loan) or additional information e-mail David Parry (