Audition For Studio Theatre Perth Productions

Studio Theatre Productions Auditions

“Moon Over the Brewery”

by Bruce Graham
Directed by Jane Stott
at The Studio Theatre, Perth on Monday, May 15 and Tuesday, May 16 at 7:00 p.m.
Production Dates: July 20 – 23, 28 – 30


Moon Over The Brewery is a touching, gently humorous story of a precocious teenager’s coming of
age, in which fantasy and reality wax and wane like the phases of the moon. The play takes place in
a drab Pennsylvania coal town, and revolves around an unmarried waitress and her 13 year old
daughter – who happens to have an IQ of 160 and an imaginary friend.

Cast requirements (2 Male; 2 Female) Stage ages noted below.
Amanda Waslyk – 13 (She could be played by a fresh faced young woman). She is serious, dresses
like an adult and carries a briefcase.
Randolph – would be attractive to young girls, theatrical nature, probably early to mid 20’s
Warren Zimmerman – mid 40’s, perhaps a few pounds overweight (mailman – love interest/Miriam)
Miriam Waslyk – mid to late 30’s, waitress, painter, quilter, single mom

Rehearsals – Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Sunday afternoons starting May 23
For perusal scripts (available for a 48 hour loan) contact Martin Treffers,
613-801-4212 or

After April 24 you can contact Jane Stott, 613-283-1102
or for additional information.